Bring your cameras to Shepherds Bush

To try and offer something nicer than the excessive amounts of shit quality live videos going up on youtube, we’ve decided to gather footage and compile some live vids of our own.

So… If you’re coming to the Shepherds Bush Empire show and have SLR’s / Flip cams / iPhones, film a few tracks and send us your footage!

Minimum 720p recordings to keep the quality up, and dont worry about audio quality as we’ll sync it to our own feed. Mail your footage to us at (you can send files up to 2GB via, or else we’ll give you an address to send your DVD’s / USB sticks / SD cards to.

Shepherds Bush have been nice enough to give us clearance for this, so please no professional gadgets. Leave cranes, tracks, and directors chairs at home.

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    Interesting! More bands should do this!
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    Why dont all bands do this? This is the best idea ever, seriously!
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    How I wish they all did that.
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